D.I.Y. & Gear Overview

Making an alcohol stove, messing with the camera, & learning a little iMovie.

All in fun. Had some time to burn on this Sunday so why not get the camera out. Then I thought, why not make a stove, then I thought, why not record myself making a stove, then I thought, why not record myself making a stove & see how long it takes, then I thought, why not record myself making a stove to see how long it take & get to know iMovie a little better. Good way to pass time, so enjoy. By the way, instructions are posted over on hammock forums.net in the donating members section. Click Here.

DIBBC – Dutch Inspired Black Bird Cover.

Dutch made a cover for his Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock. I liked this so much I decided to make my own. It can be used in cool and cold weather to keep a little heat inside the hammock. It fits over the bug screen of the hammock. It’s not totally sealed, but it adds a little warmth, I’m hoping. I made this one out of 1.5 oz breathable ripstop nylon. Has hook & loop fasteners to hook on the hammock. Total weight of cover is 3.4 oz.

My 4.8 oz. Cook Kit.

I know, there are hundreds if not thousands of cook kits already out, this is mine. Might as well add it to the mix. I love looking a peoples cook kits and how they carry and put them together. This of course is my alcohol kit. I use this three season, sometimes four. Winter camping I like my wood stove, something about fire I like in the winter. Plus I have plenty of fuel out there, and I can melt all the snow I want. I do take both kits from time to time depending on my hike. Sometimes if I don’t mind carrying the additional weight I take both, the alcohol stove provides a quick breakfast and cup of coffee from the hammock in the morning. So here it is.

Single Line Hammock/Tarp Suspension.

With the single line hammock/tarp suspension you setup once. No need to setup your tarp then your hammock. Its all one. After you get your tarp setup attached to tree straps, all you have to do is connect your hammock to the same line. No need to go out in the rain to hook up your hammocks suspension, you already done that with the tarp. It’s fast and easy, although getting the exact measurement is a little tricky.

12 Responses to “D.I.Y. & Gear Overview”

  1. Hey BC – really cool site. Love the DIY page especially. Your cook kit looks awesome!
    On the pot in your cook kit, did you make the pot ring yourself, or order it from one of the online suppliers?

    Take care, and look forward to hiking with you again soon.


    • Thanks Normis, hopefully I can keep updating this stuff. The pot ring actually came from a QMH like you have. I ordered one after I saw yours at the DS hang, not so much for the pot, but I wanted the ring. Just pulled it out and shoved it into a new can cut down to hold just over 16oz. of water. Since that time I found out Smokeeater908 sells the rings by themselves.

      Stay safe, and yes, look forward to another hike.

  2. Bear Chaser, hi!

    Wonderful videos! I really like your cooking set up. I’m MsLizVt on The Hammock Forums and read your thread there and your first video. Great Job!!! You were well spoken, informative, and illustrative.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you Liz. I’m still getting comfortable in front of the video camera. I need to learn to just talk as if I was talking with someone. I constantly think I’m saying the wrong things, just gotta let it flow. I’m going to keep at it, eventually I’ll get comfortable. Now I think I’m going to hit the trail for the weekend. Hopefully I’ll have a couple videos and trip report to post up when I get back.

      Thank you again,

  3. BC – energy-drink vs cat-food can stove challenge this weekend. my stove and i have been super-training… hitting weights… laps around the yard – oh we are SO ready mister.

    • Oh you got a race now. Mine is outside doing a few laps around the hill, as soon as it gets back I’ll let it know what it’s up against. Told it today to lay off the weights and hit the cardio and yoga. Stamina & flexibility is going to be key.

    • Women are of course atttacred to money and power and fame. But a guy who can make a woman laugh is way ahead in the world of love. I landed a girl way outta my league because Im funny!

  4. i just watched your video about your tarp again – very concise – what a great video! i remember watching it before i even met you! haha! such is fate! i love Ginger!! 🙂

  5. Good Morning & Happy Thanksgiving!

    Didn’t know you had all this stuff online. Nice!

    Thanks again for all your help at DS. Yes, A&P is the best coffee!



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