About Me.

Outdoor Enthusiast. Backpacking, Camping, Kayaking, Fishing, Hunting. In general, if its outside, I’m doing it.

Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia.

I Little More About Me.

My name is Mike, but my trail name is Bear Chaser. I live in the beautiful state of West Virginia where I take full advantage of its natural beauty. The hills, the wildlife, the crisp clean air, and the wonderful people who live here is why I love it. The outdoors provide me with peacefulness, amazement in the way it just works, the small things it has to offer. I can be entertained by the smallest of things. I could sit and look at the way the underside of a leaf is designed, or watch wildlife and be content on just that. At a young age I was outside all the time, hated to come inside. Grew up with great parents & grandparents who all shared the same thing, love of the outdoors. My dad would take us camping, fishing, hunting, whatever we could get into, and when he had to work, my grandparents where in the mountains camping all the time. So me and my brother always had someone we could tag along with outside.

Bear Chaser?

My trail name, is fairly new. I had a trail name from long ago that some of my old friends came up with in a round about way. Crackedup was it, and that was back in my ground dweller days staying in a tent. Since that time I gave up a tent and found a new comfortable life in Hammocks. Yes, I sleep in a hammock, matter of fact full time. Got rid of the bed in my house and found that I wake every morning fully recharged and ready for the day. Anyway, Bear Chaser came from a new Hammock camping friend, Oh-No. The way I got it was on a group hang in the Dolly Sods Wilderness. My knee was killing me after three days of backpacking and I decided to stay at camp one day while everyone else enjoyed a day of hiking. Everyone but Hickory just left camp and I headed to the backwoods to take my morning constitutional. Just as I got to the back of camp I looked up and what do you know, a black bear. I stood still watching it for a short while when it finally saw me. I said hello bear in a normal tone, it stared for a short while, and walked off. No I didn’t chase after it, I’m not that brave, or stupid. But since everyone left food lying around everywhere, I was the only one in camp to keep any critters big or small out.  That’s the story.

Why A Blog?

I usually keep journals on my travels & adventures in the outdoors to myself. All personal and kept to reminisce on from time to time. I decided to now start sharing some of them here. Don’t know if anyone will find this or like my blog, but at least I will be able to share it with friends & family. I’m not even sure how often I will be able to post, but I will try my best to at least post when I can on whatever I can. I truly love doing what I do and would love to share it with anyone who is interested.

A New Start.

In the Fall of 2010. I was thinking of getting back into backpacking. I really miss the peacefulness and solitude of it. The way it tests you while in the back county. All those little sounds you hear before you fall off to sleep. So I decided to head to my nearest outdoor shop and check out some of the new gear out. I was walking down an aisle and saw a hammock, wrapped up no bigger than a softball and weighed so little. I thought about it and wondered about how a hammock would work in the outdoors? So I purchase it, an ENO Single Nest hammock. Once home I had to set it up, found a couple trees, next thing I know, I’m stretched out relatively comfortable. This just might work. Now what about rain. A tarp would work. So I jump online and start researching when I came across a site. Wow! There is already a whole slew of people using hammocks for backpacking, nice. So I lurked around absorbing information.

Enter Hammockforums.net. This place is full of information, not only on hammock camping, but lightweight hammock camping. After learning more, the new gear list started to grow, and grow, and still growing.

So now what?

I’m going to try to separate my blog into outing & adventure, a list of gear I use, weights of my gear, reviews of some of it, gear I make, and who knows what else. I’m not sure how far back I’m going to start with some of my outings yet, I may start only from new one’s. But I have a few that I know I want to share. We shall see.

Until next time, get outside, be aware, & stay safe. By the way, I never took that morning constitutional until later on. I didn’t want to be in such a venerable position with a bear possible in the area hanging out.


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