Hammock Hiking for Humanity – The H3 Initiative

Fellow hammock hanger, and all out crazy Water Monkey, is doing another hike for charity. To help spread his word and hopefully increase donations I’m throwing up this post to hopefully help out some. If you donate, he has some amazing raffles for some great products, more importantly you can help 3 great organizations.

  • Strength For Life – A non-profit organization which provides free exercise classes to those going through chemo therapy and cancer survivors
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy – 20% of the donations received by Strength For Life will be donated to this organization. Last year $300 was donated based on this process!
  • Alzheimer’s Foundation – I personally (El Water Monkey) will donate from my personal bank account the equivalent of 10% of the total donations received to this organization in memory of my grandmother who suffered from this disease.

So please, Head on over to WaterMonkey.net for more details and help the Monkey raise some funds. Plus, the more we donate, the more he’s gonna have to donate.

One Response to “Hammock Hiking for Humanity – The H3 Initiative”

  1. Hey BC,

    Thank you so much for spreading the word and your generous donation!

    Shoot me a jpeg of your logo to my gmail account and I’ll put it up on my Charity Hiking Page as part of being a supporter!

    My best,

    Water Monkey

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