ZPacks Exo Backpack & My Winter Gear – Fitting it all in

I probably should have done a review on the pack itself before showing everything I stuffed in for my winter trips. Well, I kinda did, but it was an all in one video & ended up being to large to upload to YT. After allot of editing, the review parts I couldn’t get to make much sense, but my gear in the pack did. So here is a video of all my winter gear inside the Exo pack.

List of gear & weights below video. Note: I don’t show what I would be wearing while hiking, for one, no jeans. I usually wear a pair of TNF Paramount pants. I usually wear a lighter weight set of moisture wicking mid weight insulation while hiking. The hat I’m wearing in the vid (Mountain Goat Gear Merino Wool) would be coming along. Socks would be REI Light merino wool with possible the Seal Skinz for additional warmth if needed. I also have a pair of light glove liner or fingerless rag wool gloves that I would be wearing in addition to the wristies. Trekking poles would also come along.


  • ZPacks Exo w/frame & non detachable items – 14.2
  • Shoulder Pouch – 0.3
  • Belt Pouch – .75 ea. (1.5 total)
  • Multi Pack as seen in video – 2.2
  • ZPacks CF Pack Cover Medium – 0.9
  • ZPacks CF Lrg. Rectangular Roll Top Dry Bag Seam Sealed – 0.9 ea (1.8 total)
  • ZPacks CF Med. Roll Top Dry Bag Seam Sealed – 0.8

Total 21.7 oz. 1.35 lbs.


  • Cabelas Polartech Classic 200 Spec Ops Pullover (XL) – 15.8
  • Cabelas Polartech Classic 200 Spec Ops Pants (L) – 12.2
  • Montbell UL Down Parka (L) – 9.9
  • Western Mountaineering Flight Vest (L) – 8.8
  • Jacks R Better Down Hood – 2.5
  • Jacks R Better Down Sleeves – 4.8
  • Marmot Precip (L) – 13
  • Dri Ducks Pants (L) – 4.2
  • Serius Balaclava – 1.2
  • Smartwool Expedition Weight Socks – 6.6
  • Seal Skins Waterproof Crew socks – 5.1
  • Arrowhead Down Booties w/overstuff – 3.8

Total 87.9 oz. 5.49 lbs.


  • DIY Knotty Stretch Side Hammock w/Dynaglide Whoopies, Zing-it SRL, & Stuff sack – 8.8
  • Hammock Gear Winter Burrow Long w/+3oz. down added – 32.4
  • Warbonnet Winter Yeti w/+2oz. down added – 19.3
  • Thermarest Ridgerest Pad Modified – 3.9

Total 64.4 oz. 4.02 lbs.

Shelter & Gear

  • ZPacks CF Tarp w/all Tie Outs – 8
  • Stakes Mountain Fitter Ti (6 @ 0.25 ea.) – 1.5
  • Stakes MSR Ground Hogs (4 @ 0.6 ea.) – 2.4
  • Dutch Buckles & Tree Straps (2 @ 1.55 ea.) – 3.1
  • Tyveck Ground Sheet – 2.6

Total 17.6 oz. 1.1 lbs.


  • SP900 Pot, Bushbuddy Ultra, Lid, Cozy, Sack, Fire Starter inside – 10
  • REI TiWare Long Handle Spoon – 0.6
  • Sea to Summit X-Mug (2 Cups) – 2.3
  • GSI H2jO Coffee Filter for Nalgene – 1.8
  • Nalgene Bottle 32oz. – 3.8

Total 18.5 oz, 1.15 lbs.

Essentials & Misc.

  • Sawyer Squeeze Filter – 3.4
  • Sawyer Squeeze Med. Bag – 0.75
  • First Aid Kit – 7.2
  • Petzl Tikka XP2 Headlamp – 3.1
  • Bear Bag Rope w/small Biner – 1.2
  • Bear Grills Knife & Sheath – 11.5

Total 27.15 oz. 1.69 lbs.

  • Garmin Oregon 450 GPS w/clip & Biner – 7.5
  • Camera w/bat. & mem Card – 7
  • Spare Batteries for Camera x2 – 1.8
  • Gorilla Pod – 1.7
  • Sven Wood Saw – 13.2

Total 31.2 oz. 1.95 lbs.

Total Weight – 268.45 oz. (16.77 lbs.)

10 Responses to “ZPacks Exo Backpack & My Winter Gear – Fitting it all in”

  1. Nicely done! You made this on New Years Eve. So, I am wondering why there was no mention of the sky-rockets and various fireworks you were packing…?!?!?!?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have fun on Mt. Rogers!


  2. Followed from the youtube video (eelmij)

    Thanks for the gear list. Your winter weight is lower than my current 3S weight! Now I know i have a lot of work to do. I finally got a scale and just made a list of all my gear with weights. Now I gotta figure out what I can live without.

    Hi, JD!

  3. Bear Chaser, hi!

    GREAT job! You always give me new ideas.



    • Thanks Liz, glad you can get some use out of it. I have confidence in the items shown to keep me warm to at least 0. I tested the same insulation w/exception to the down booties, vest, sleeves, & hood last year with my 3 season TQ/BQ in the teens and was very comfortable. So I would venture to say that with the new winter quilts I should be good, possibly even lower. We shall see at the Mt. Rogers Hang coming up.

  4. That is one mighty fine sub 20 pound setup sir!

    • Thanks John, its a work in progress. I’m at that in between weight right now, that comfortable weight if you will. I can definitely loose some weight, but the items I have, I am comfortable with at this point. So its a combination of comfort while hiking & comfort in camp. My summer weight should be around the 8-9 pound mark w/o consumables. I could possibly go a little lower & still be in my comfort zone for camp, & we shall see. I’m planning on doing the same thing this year as I did last, keep track of what I use/don’t use. I also need to replace a couple things that are on the heavy side for what they are, for instance the knife, headlamp, & a little work on the First Aid. A few items I carry are duplicates or not really needed, but as you know it’s sometimes hard to give up certain items.

      By the way, love your site and your videos. I enjoy seeing you crazy super ultra lighters. It’s a weight I could not do, but, the way you get there with the equipment & how you use it helps others like myself to examine & look closer at our own equipment. I also like the fact that you give your honest opinion on what you think of gear or items, but don’t try to advertise it as the ends all beat all thing that we all need to have or follow. Continue to hike your own hike, pack your own pack, stay safe, and keep the info coming.

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