I’m ready for ya!

Cold weather that is. I have my new winter gear ready to really test and the lowest temps so far seem to happen during the work week. So far 28F is the lowest I have been out in this year, and I got hot & needed to vent my quilts. So I believe I’m ready for something a little lower than that. It seems to work this way for everything, you get a new waterproof jacket and it doesn’t rain for weeks. You get a new pair of swim trunks, it’s freezing outside, you get new insulation, its warm. Crazy I tell ya. Well at least by the time it cools down, maybe my new ZPacks Exo Backpack will be here. Can’t wait to see if I can jam all my winter gear in that beauty. From the gear I plan on taking, I believe it will be possible. Bring on the cold, I’m ready.

3 Responses to “I’m ready for ya!”

  1. Cold weather and now it is all about *VOLUME*. So, how big / cubic inches is this new pack? My Winter pack is a big Ol’ GoLite (forget the c.i.) that has done the job so far. I am a total believer in my Exped full length DAM7 b/c it has kept me toasty well below zero.

    Feb. 2011, I did a Winter hike in N.W. PA and used my DIY pulk. That was my first adventure pulling a pulk and all went well. If there is enough snow, I will always use that! Amazing how little I worried about weight/volume…… I took EVERYTHING …hehehe!

    • J.D. Thanks for asking about the volume. I added a new post listing what I have gathered, & a little more. 🙂

      I’m planning on building me a pulk. I like the idea of pulling my stuff in the snow instead of hauling it on my back. What about getting around objects like a big rocky section like in the video of our John P. Saylor adventure? Do you just pick it up and carry, find a way around, or just manage it as it comes?

      • My one and only adventure pulling the pulk didn’t have too many obstacles. Not much snow around here last year. However, b/c I was with others, there was one moment when the guy behind me grabbed the rear and I grabbed the front to just carry it over a big log. Probably would have slid over w/out help; but, made it easier and less stress on the pulk. I need to add some side fold-down “rudders” (there’s a word for that) to keep it from going off sideways when traversing hillsides.

        I have thought about doing this alone and guess it would be a matter of off-loading some gear and then re-loading/packing the pulk.

        My DIY pulk was just an el cheapo kid’s plastic sled reinforced with electrical conduit around the outside front “lip” and sides. My electrician neighbor was kind enough to bend the conduit and it was PERFECT! I will email you some pics.

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