Archive | December, 2011

ZPacks Exo Backpack & My Winter Gear – Fitting it all in

I probably should have done a review on the pack itself before showing everything I stuffed in for my winter trips. Well, I kinda did, but it was an all in one video & ended up being to large to upload to YT. After allot of editing, the review parts I couldn’t get to make […]

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Good questions J.D. (I’m ready for ya update)

My friend J.D. had a good question so I decided to add my thoughts on the pack change/addition. First the reason I believe its going to work. My current pack, ULA Circuit, fits all my winter gear easily with room to spare. That gear should get me to zero, maybe below. Still waiting to confirm […]

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I’m ready for ya!

Cold weather that is. I have my new winter gear ready to really test and the lowest temps so far seem to happen during the work week. So far 28F is the lowest I have been out in this year, and I got hot & needed to vent my quilts. So I believe I’m ready […]

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