Pointy Knob Trail

A new adventure added. This is my first video of any of my trips. I normally just shoot still photos. So this is a little feeler if you will to figure out if I’m going to shoot more videos during my trips. If I do, I think a new camera is going to be needed. Something a little more durable for this atmosphere. So let me know what you think and give me some constructive advice. It will be appreciated.

Canaan Valley – Pointy Knob Trail

Edit: I have updated this page with my pack contents, weights, and notes of what I took along.


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  1. RR is no doubt a better off raoder but hey both cars are really good. X6 has some offroading capabilities and it is enough. Its not SUV its SAV . Its like comparing and Subaru outback and a M3 in a racetrack. BMW isnt a small silly car maker which does not know how make cars and for what they are made. Both these cars used properly are very good.

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