Archive | November, 2011

3 Friends & John P. Saylor Trail

A 3 day backpacking trip to Gallitzin State Forest in Pennsylvania. The weather started out sunny on day one, day two provided a nice cloud cover, day three, well it also provided cloud cover along with rain. Not even the rain could drive away the beauty of the trail, or the experience. Oh-No, Sweetbabyd, & […]

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Fun with a stove, camera, & iMovie.

Making an alcohol stove, messing with the camera, & learning a little iMovie. All in fun. Had some time to burn on this Sunday so why not get the camera out. Then I thought, why not make a stove, then I thought, why not record myself making a stove, then I thought, why not record […]

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Pointy Knob Trail

A new adventure added. This is my first video of any of my trips. I normally just shoot still photos. So this is a little feeler if you will to figure out if I’m going to shoot more videos during my trips. If I do, I think a new camera is going to be needed. […]

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